Why Sicily is next on my travel bucket list

Why Sicily is next on my bucket list

As you may have seen from my 30 before 30 bucket list post, travelling is one of the things I want to do more of this year. And with only two trips so far under my belt, I’m not doing too badly. But I want to start planning my next trip. And next on my bucket list is Sicily. This southern Italian Island just looks so beautiful, with stunning beaches and picturesque scenery.

Although Sicily, and more specifically Italy, has been on my radar and bucket list for a while now. It wasn’t until my friend came back from a trip there, that the idea really developed. She had the most amazing time on the Island taking some gorgeous pictures and got to see some incredible sights. In fact it was her stories and experience of the island that really made me want to book a trip there ASAP.

The main reason I desperately want to visit the island is to see the beautiful architecture, the baroque churches and wonderful piazzas that Sicily is famous for. There is so much history on the island. You can go and visit Syracuse, an ancient city in the southern part of Sicily or you can climb more than 3,000 metres to see one of Europe’s most active volcanoes – Mount Etna.

But Sicily isn’t just for history buffs of those who want an adventurous holiday. From what my friend was telling me, it’s also the perfect place to go and relax for a week. You can easily spend a week enjoying the delicious food and lovely wine while relaxing on one of Sicily’s beaches.

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Plus seeing as Sicily is only a few hours away by plane, it’s the ideal place for a cheeky weekend break. If I haven’t sold this place to you already – I’m not sure what else I can do! I’m definitely sold on Sicily though and will be booking my flights and hotel ASAP.

Have you ever been to Sicily? Where’s next on your travel bucket list?

This is a guest post but all opinions are my own.

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