When life gives you lemons…

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When life gives you lemons, grab some tequila and salt. That’s the saying, right? Well, it’s definitely feeling appropriate at the moment. If you’re a regular reader of this blog then you may have wondered where I’ve been lately. I’ve not posted regularly on here for weeks now. And, apart from the odd Instagram story, I’ve not posted a picture on the grid in about a month. And while life hasn’t been throwing me too many lemons. Lately, it’s been difficult to get that balance. The balance between a demanding day job, a social life, and this blog. Which I’ve missed far more than I thought it would.

Now, I’m a big believer in not posting just for the sake of posting. I’d rather post nothing (which I’ve been doing a lot of) then posting something I’m not 100% happy with. Just because I *think* I need to get a picture up on Instagram or a blog post published to stay relevant. I mean I probably do. But I’d rather post something that I think you’ll all enjoy and like.

As you may know, I started a new job at the start of the year. And I love it. Like really love it. But it’s also hard. Like really hard at times. It’s exciting, exhausting, and every bit the challenge I thought it would be. Would I change it? No. But do I need to find a better balance? Absolutely. So while I used to put pressure on myself to write five to seven blog posts a week. I’m using this opportunity to scale it back slightly. Just while I’m still trying to find my feet and get that balance. So moving forward I’m going to commit to posting three times a week.

And while beauty has always been a core part of this blog. I really want to explore other topics too. While I still get excited by a new mascara and lipstick. I’m also really excited by homeware, food, traveling, and fashion. So while beauty will still be featured, so will a lot of other topics. But what do you want to hear from me? A big part of this blog is you lovely lot who read my ramblings. So let me know in the comments what other kinds of posts you’d like to read from me.

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