My top 18 beauty products from 2018

My top 18 beauty products from 2018 | Merry Musing

Now I don’t know about you, but this time between Christmas and New Year is always a little odd for me. I’m losing track of what day it is, what time it is. And whether it’s acceptable to stay in PJs all day eating my body weight in Quality Street. Which I’m oping is totally acceptable as that’s how I’ve spent most of my days. But as 2018 is drawing to a close. It’s time to reflect on the past 12 months. And what a year it’s been! Personally, it’s been an amazing year for me. Which is why I wanted to do this post and share with you all my top 18 beauty products from 2018. Now some of these are new. And some are just new to me. But here are my top picks:


My top 18 beauty products from 2018 | Merry Musing

How could I not include this palette in the round-up? It’s the newest palette in the Urban Decay Naked collection, and I think it might be my favourite too. Full of gorgeous rose and plum warm tones, this palette has been one of my favourites this year. You can find the palette here.


My top 18 beauty products from 2018 | Merry Musing

I know I can’t be the only person who loves this flawless filter from Charlotte Tilbury. Maybe it’s because it’s a foundation, complexion enhancer, illuminating primer and low-key highlighter all in one. Or maybe it’s because nothing makes my skin glow more than this. But this hasn’t left my makeup bag all year. You can find the flawless filter here.


My top 18 beauty products from 2018 | Merry Musing

Now, this isn’t a new product. But it is new to me. And I’ve no idea how this product managed to pass me by before. As a mascara obsessive, I’m always on the hunt for a formula and brush that is going to add length, volume and definition to my lashes. And this mascara does all three! You can find the mascara here.


My top 18 beauty products from 2018 | Merry Musing

Now again, this product isn’t new. And it isn’t exactly new to me either. But it is an absolute favourite of mine, and I found myself falling back in love with beauty blenders again this year. There’s nothing that quite compares to it. I think it’s the combination of the density of the sponge, shape, and texture. All three just help to create a flawless texture and finish to the skin. And it honestly, makes your foundation look like skin. You can find a beauty blender here.


My top 18 beauty products from 2018 | Merry Musing

Now those who know me, know of my love of a glitter shadow pot. And this one is just beautiful! The shade is Park Avenue Princess and it’s the most amazing bronze shade. And I’m obsessed with it. The texture is lovely and creamy, and it literally just melts in your hands. It’s also so easy to apply, though definitely use your finger for the best results. I’m not sure what else I can say, the pigmentation is lovely, the glitter isn’t too chunky and the shade is true to colour. You can find more Tarte here.


My top 18 beauty products from 2018 | Merry Musing

Now this isn’t a new purchase, but it is one of my most purchased blushes. Mainly because I can never find anything that gives me the same kind of glow as this iconic blush. You can find the Nars blusher here.


My top 18 beauty products from 2018 | Merry Musing

Now can it even be a top 18 beauty products of 2018 round-up without including one of the BIGGEST skincare brands around? The Ordinary have really taken the beauty world by storm with their effective but affordable skincare line. And I’m a total convert. Nearly all of my skincare routine includes products from The Ordinary and my skin has honestly never looked better. You can find The Ordinary Skincare here.


My top 18 beauty products from 2018 | Merry Musing

Now if you love The Ordinary then you need to try out NIOD. Their from the same beauty company but think of them as The Ordinary’s bigger and smarter big sister. NIOD are at the forefront of the skincare technology and if you’re a skincare obsessive like me, then you need to get your hands on these in 2019. You can find NIOD Skincare here.


My top 18 beauty products from 2018 | Merry Musing

Another skincare brand that has impressed me this year is VERSO Skincare. Now if you’ve not heard of this brand before, they’re Swedish and they focus on incredibly powerful anti-ageing products. VERSO is actually Latin for reverse which suits them perfectly. As most of their products contain Retinol 8 which increases the production of collagen and effectively reverses visible signs of ageing. You can find VERSO skincare here.


My top 18 beauty products from 2018 | Merry Musing

I’m not sure I’ve ever tried a product from Dermalogica that I didn’t love. And this skin soothing cream is no exception. It’s my daily moisturiser and the only one that I rely on to re-hydrate my fine lines and relieve any tightness. You can find Dermalogica here.


My top 18 beauty products from 2018 | Merry Musing

Now I have to start by saying this award-winning serum has made a big impact on my evening skincare routine. I use it after I’ve cleansed and toned but before I apply my moisturiser. And what a difference it’s made. My fine lines don’t appear as strong and the glow it gives my skin is lovely. You can find the overnight reset serum here.


My top 18 beauty products from 2018 | Merry Musing

Now this has been a lifesaver for me this year. It’s a tub that is split into two parts. A sold oil cleanser to break down your makeup on the left. And a cream cleanser to cleanse and hydrate your skin on the right. And I have to say it’s a dream to use. I love that you basically have two products in one, and that it’s from one of my favourite skincare brands – Pixi. You can find the Double Cleanse balm here.


My top 18 beauty products from 2018 | Merry Musing

Now I’m sure I’ve spoken about my love of this dry shampoo before. But it is honestly life-changing. That’s a bold statement I know, but it’s true! Unlike other dry shampoos out there, this one actually cleans your hair rather than masking the dirt. Just trust me on this, try it and you won’t regret it. It’s an absolute game-changer. You can find the dry shampoo here.


My top 18 beauty products from 2018 | Merry Musing

Now regular readers of this blog with know about my love of Ouai and their amazing products. And one of my absolute favourites this year is the classic Hair Oil. This multi-tasking oil not only smoothes frizz but it also seals your split ends for a high-gloss, super-soft finish. You can find the hair oil here.


My top 18 beauty products from 2018 | Merry Musing

Now you probably all know about my love of Bumble and Bumble products. But one of my favourites is this texturising spray. As someone who has fine hair, but a lot of it. One thing I lack is texture. And this spray creates an instant fullness and texture to your hair. You can find more Bumble and Bumble products here.


My top 18 beauty products from 2018 | Merry Musing

I can’t get enough of Sanctuary Spa products at the moment and this body butter is one of my favourite products. Infused with a blend of oils to help hydrate, tone and firm your skin. Not only does this luxe body butter leave your skin super soft. But it also adds a gorgeous glow with its subtle pearly finish. And it smells good enough to eat… well almost! You can find the body butter here.


My top 18 beauty products from 2018 | Merry Musing

Now it would be hard to pick just one of my favourite Soap and Glory products from the past year. But the Scrub of you Life is by far my favourite The fine scrub particles are great at getting rid of dead skin cells, and it smells almost good enough to eat. You can find more Soap and Glory products here.


My top 18 beauty products from 2018 | Merry Musing

Now it wouldn’t be a beauty round up without featuring one of my favourite luxury skincare brands – Molton Brown. I’ve been using their body lotions for years and one of my all time favourites is this one. The fragrance is invigorating and my body is soft to touch after use – I love it. You can find more Molton Brown here.

What are your favourite beauty products from 2018?


  1. December 31, 2018 / 7:16 pm

    Oh so many great products there and some new ones for me to check out. Thanks, Mich x

  2. January 1, 2019 / 12:09 pm

    I love the sound of the double cleanse balm to break down the make up and then using cream to rehydrate the skin. I think I would benefit from this the most!

  3. January 1, 2019 / 6:57 pm

    Wow this is a remarkable selection, thank you for sharing the living hair dry shampoo sounds amazing, I may have to purchase one to try, I’m always keen to find new hair products!

  4. January 2, 2019 / 6:14 pm

    These are awesome picks for 2018. I personally love the beauty blender as I find that it is indeed very useful. I love inventions and innovations like this one.

  5. January 3, 2019 / 10:06 am

    I like the look of the Charlotte Tilbury flawless filter.
    Anything that can give me a flawless look under my makeup is a good idea!

  6. January 4, 2019 / 2:53 pm

    Wow so many fantastic products – love the Mar Jacobs Mascara, that sounds as, as well as the body scrub

    Laura x

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