Six things you learn when you go on holiday with friends or family

Six things you learn when you go on holiday with friends or family

For me my first holiday without my parents came at the end of A Levels. I was 18, and me and three friends booked a holiday to the glamorous resort of Magaluf. Yes, I went on one of those holidays. One that involved living a nocturnal life filled with sunshine, cheap jelly shots and super clubs. I had an amazing time. It was my first real taste of freedom before heading off to University. And a chance to spend two whole weeks with my three best friends. Since then I’ve managed to see so much of the world with my friends and also my family. But as with most holidays, you don’t get to know people until you travel with them. So here are the six things you learn when you go on holiday with friends or family.

You’ll get to know your friends and family better than you thought possible 

Although my friends and I had known each throughout school, going on that holiday really deepened our relationship. As it can with your family members. When you spend 24 hours a day together for two weeks, you really get to know someone’s habits and quirks. And some of them can be quite annoying!

You’ll have some great stories to share 

My friends and I still reminisce and laugh about our adventures in Magaluf, Thailand, Mexico, Budapest…. You get the picture. Every trip has included a funny story of two. From the time we accidentally checked into an ‘adults’ only hotel in Mexico (no it wasn’t intentional) to appearing as an extra in a Hungarian movie in Budapest.

You’ll get on each other’s nerves 

It’s only natural. Spending all that time together with friends or your family will naturally lead to petty arguments. You just need to learn to let the little things go, remember they’re your best friend or your parent and have a little break on your own during the holiday if you need to.

You’ll get to experience something new together 

Whether you’re relaxing in a luxury Villa from Tots to Travel Canary Islands with your family, or Elephant trekking through Thailand with your best friend, getting to experience something new together which will bring you closer together.

You’ll learn what you’re good at 

For me my best friend is the planner. She’s great at organising and booking the holiday. Me, I’m better at researching which restaurants to go to, which bars to try out and which sights to see. Our holidays work well because we’ve learnt over the years which jobs we do best.

You’ll be ready to take on anything after the holiday 

Whether you miss your flight, need to find a Doctor in a remote location or accidentally find yourself in a dodgy hotel in Mexico, holidaying together with your friends and overcoming a travel disaster, means you can make it through anything together.

What have you learnt from holidaying with friends or family?

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  1. August 8, 2016 / 11:29 am

    “You’ll get on each other’s nerves” is so true, hahaha! I like these oints and I can so relate to all of them when going on a holiday with friends

  2. August 8, 2016 / 11:44 am

    I have one friend who I’ve been on holiday with a lot and she is so funny as she is NOT a morning person. You basically cannot speak to her in the morning and have to pretend she doesn’t exist – even if she’s ‘awake’ and wait for her to start a conversation with you to note that she is ready for the day!!

    Victoria x

  3. August 8, 2016 / 2:30 pm

    I’ve only been on one holiday abroad with friends but I can definitely relate to a few of these. Sophie x

  4. August 12, 2016 / 3:42 am

    So many great points here but I love that you mentioned the whole ‘you’ll get on each other’s nerves’ thing. Sometimes I think people go on holidays and have unrealistic expectations but it’s only natural to clash heads a little along the way if you’re spending every second of your day with someone.

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