Pre-holiday pampering

pre-holiday pampering

Now I don’t know about you, but along with packing, getting currency and digging out my passport. One of the other things that I can’t help but doing every time I go away is treating myself to a little pre-holiday pamper. And seeing as I’m off to Portugal this weekend for 10 days, it only seems right that along with getting my hair and nails done. I also get my body holiday ready with the help of some pretty lovely skincare products from I Love.

Now if you’ve not heard about I Love before, then where have you been? They’re are probably one of the most fun, and most affordable skincare and body care brands around. And I love them. And for this pre-holiday pamper, I decided to focus on getting my skin prepped and primed for (hopefully) a lot of sun bathing.

Now the best base for a good even tan, is smooth, soft skin. So for this I started by using the Lemon Sorbet Bath and Shower Creme, and the Raspberry Ripple Bath Fizzer to get my skin nice and soft. Before moving onto a scrub to get me beach ready. Now one of the best things about I Love cosmetics, apart from their amazing prices and fun packaging, is that their products smell good enough to eat! Well almost…

To finish off the pre-holiday planning I went for the Mango and Papaya body butter. Which as you might imagine, does smell amazing! But not only that, it also leaves my skin looking and feeling incredibly soft. The naturally nourishing Shea Butter and the anti-oxidant rich Coconut Oil definitely left my skin looking and feeling silky smooth. A perfect base for the Portuguese sun.

You can find out more about I Love and their products here.

Are you off on holiday this year? What’s included in any of your pre-holiday pampering sessions?


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  1. May 16, 2018 / 8:57 pm

    The I Love body butters are one of my favourite products from the brand. I have tried a lot of the different scents but I keep repurchasing Strawberries & Cream! x

    Jordan Alice

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