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Merry Musing

Those that know me, either in real-life or through this blog, will probably be aware of my love of high-end handbags. It’s a habit, that if I could, I would definitely indulge in as often as possible. Unfortunately, I’m 31 with responsibilities and bills and shizz, which means I can’t. Damn adulting. But seeing as so many of you are probably aware of my handbag habit. I thought I’d share with you all my high-end handbag story. And how my love-affair with high-end handbags started.

Merry Musing


So let’s throw it all the way back to 2010. I graduated from Univerity the summer before and had spent the rest of 2009 interning for free. Because that’s what you did when you graduated in the recession. Oh, the joys. But fast forward to the second half of 2010 and I bagged myself my first ‘proper’ PR job (well technically my second, but my first was just a six-month contract so I don’t really count that). I was working in London in a small boutique PR agency and I wanted to celebrate my milestone. So I did what any sensible person would do with their first pay cheque. I went to Mulberry and bought the first bag I fell in love with. A plum coloured Bayswater.


Merry Musing

It was the most amount of money I’d ever spent in one go before. And it took all of about three seconds to decide that this is EXACTLY what I should be doing with that first month’s pay. But do you know what? I still love that bag just as much as I do today. Unfortunately, I can’t use it as much anymore as the goat leather really hasn’t worn well. It’s almost lost its shape completely but it holds so much sentimental value that I’m not sure I could ever bring myself to get rid of it.

Merry Musing

But that moment definitely signaled the start of my love affair with high-end handbags. And in particular, my obsession with Mulberry. Over the year’s I’ve added quite significantly to my Mulberry obsession. From keyrings, bracelets, makeup bags, passport covers, purses and of course handbags. My collection has grown vastly over the past eight years. But I’ve also not been shy about selling bags that I no longer use. After all, if they’re not giving me any job over the years, why not offer someone else the opportunity to fall in love and enjoy them? Especially, as the sale nearly always goes towards buying a new bag or luxury piece that I’ll love and enjoy.

Merry Musing

There are a couple of bags currently on my wish list. Including the YSL Monogramme Kate shoulder bag, a Gucci Disco bag or the ultimate dream bag. A Chanel Boy Bag. But seeing as I’ve never had more financial commitments in my life as I do now, I think it could be a year or two before I add to my high-end handbag collection. Unless I win the lottery between now and then. Which could easily happen…

Do you have a high-end handbag or luxury story? Share it below.

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