Making a statement with Lancaster Paris Watches

Lancaster Paris

Now I don’t know about you. But there’s just something about a new watch that is exciting. For me, a watch is one of those accessories can really make an outfit. I have a number of watches that I like to switch between. And a FitBit that I wear too. I’m pretty sure I’ve shared this before. But I love a statement style watch. The bigger the face, the better for me. Despite the fact I have average sized wrists, I love the oversized look. And this Lancaster Paris watch is perfect for making a statement on your wrist.

Lancaster Paris

Now if you’ve not heard of Lancaster Paris before, they are a watch and accessories brand that allows you to completely personalise your watch. You can choose which strap you like and which watch face you prefer. I just love the fact you can customise it all. From the strap to the colour. Whether you want a leather or metal strap. You choose exactly what you want, which makes the watch completely original and unique to you.

Lancaster Paris

I picked this lovely steel strap and white face watch. I wanted a watch that was easy to wear. Was oversized. But would also go with everything. And to give it a bit more of a masculine touch. I went for the Chronograph face, rather than the normal one. It was so hard to pick just one through. The whole collection is gorgeous. The collection combines innovative style with beautiful designs. Every watch is made with the utmost attention to detail. And Lancaster Paris uses the most advanced technology standards and carefully selected materials to make their watches.

Lancaster Paris

You can find their selection of watches here.

What do you think of this watch? Do you like the idea of customising one to suit your personality?


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