Adding a little luxury with a Hunkemoller lace kimono

Hunkemoller lace kimono

Now I don’t know about you. But there’s something quite luxurious about owning pretty lingerie and nightwear. I don’t know what it is. maybe it feels like you’re more of a grown-up for owning fancier nightwear. But whatever it is. I’m liking it and I’m definitely making it more of a priority to appreciate and wear the nicer stuff in my wardrobe. I mean what’s the fun of owning it all, if you’re always saving it for best? And one of the newest and fanciest items I own is this beautiful lace kimono.

Hunkemoller lace kimono

I don’t know what it is about lace. But it just looks and feels like luxury to me. And this kimono is definitely luxurious. It’s made of the most exquisite lace and just makes me feel amazing when I put it on. Now I don’t know about you, but if I could I would probably live in nightwear and leisurewear 24/7. It’s just so comfortable to wear! But sometimes you don’t just want comfort. You also want something to look and feel a little fancier than your trusty jogging bottoms and an old dressing gown right?

Hunkemoller lace kimono

Which is why this kimono is perfect! Granted it won’t keep you quite as warm as your old dressing gown. But it will look a little fancier over your silky PJ shorts and a vest top. But it’s not just for rocking in the comfort of your own home. With the whole underwear as outerwear trend happening. This would also look fab as a regular kimono over your clothes. I’m already planning on wearing this to an upcoming festival this summer over jean shorts and a floaty top.

The lace kimono is available from Hunkemoller and is now in the sale for just £20, instead of £40.

What do you think of this Hunkemoller lace kimono?

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