How to pack for a weekend away

How to pack for a weekend away

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There aren’t many things I claim to be an expert on. But with short breaks being my holiday of choice, packing for a weekend away has fast become my speciality. Especially as most of my trips just involve taking the once case with me, whether I’m travelling by plane, train or automobile. So if you need help with deciding what to take, what not to take and how to have enough room for essential purchases in Duty Free, then here are my tips on how to pack for a weekend away.

Make a list 

I know it sounds pretty obvious but you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to forget the basics if you don’t make a list. So make a list of everything you want to take. And then make a second list detailing the number of outfits you need, and then work out what clothes, shoes and bags you need. By planning it all out, you’ll be able to see that you don’t really need eight pairs of shoes or four different bags for just three days away. I’m mean it’s nice to have choices, but you’re limited on space…

Start packing early 

Like making a list, by starting the packing process early you can avoid not forgetting anything. It also helps you realise if you’re missing anything you need. Things like travel adaptors or summer PJ’s. I tend to turn the spare room into my packing room about a week before I go anywhere. And then when it’s time to pack, roll your clothes. This is the best way to keep everything crease-free and more compact.

Invest in a good bag 

For a weekend away I have two different bags that I use. For planes and trains I tend to use my Lulu Guinness small case. It’s the perfect size for plane cabins (apart from Ryanair *argh*) and the different compartments just make it easy to pack everything into. And as it has a hard case, you know your stuff isn’t getting squashed. The other bag I use is my Longchamp weekend bag. I love that this bag is a fold up bag, it’s also surprisingly big. But as it can get heavy, I recommend this one for car journeys. You can pick up some lovely bags from John Lewis, Ted Baker or Bags ETC.

How do you pack for a weekend away?

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  1. July 20, 2016 / 10:41 am

    I usually starts planning and making list from at least a week before, but when it comes to actual packing? Sometimes I can do it an hour before I leave the house, I should start learning from you 😉

  2. July 20, 2016 / 12:36 pm

    Great tips! I also make sure to write a list so I don’t forget anything!

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