How I use my happiness planner

Happiness Planner

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m doing well. Two videos in two weeks. Who even am I? But honestly, I’m so pleased to be sticking to this schedule. YouTube is something I really want to get back into. So I’m really pleased that I’ve managed to bring you two videos in two weeks. Go me!

So this week’s video is a little different. I kind of touched on this with Friday’s post. But for me Autumn really does feel like a fresh start. And with today being the first of the month (on a side note, how the hell is it October already?!). I thought I’d share with you all my happiness planner. And answer your questions on why I use one. And how I use one.

Now if you’re not sure what the happiness planner is. It’s essentially a journal that you can fill in everyday. It’s a great reminder to take pleasure from the simply things. Find the positivity in everything and generally just live a happier life. Which is what we all want right?

Now I don’t want to bore you too much. But I’ve been on a bit of a self-growth journey recently (I know that sounds really cringe but bear with me!). And this planner, along with some other books like the secret and the magic. Have really helped me feel more content, grateful and happier over the past couple of months. And it wasn’t that I was feeling particularly unhappy. But I definitely wasn’t feeling my happiest. I was comparing myself too much to others. And feeling bad about myself.

But the books, and this planner in particular, have helped me to refocus. Appreciate what I have. See the positives in every event. And above all, be grateful for all the amazing people I have in my life. The opportunities that come my way. And the situations I find myself in. And if you find yourself, feel a little lacklustre. Or comparing yourself to others. And just want to feel a little happier. Then I would definitely recommend trying out the Happiness Planner. Or the 100 day Happiness Planner.

And if you want to see how I use my Happiness Planner, enjoy the video!

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