Breaking out of a style rut

Now I don’t know about you. But I’m guilty of wearing the same 20% of my wardrobe about 80% of the time. But that’s normal isn’t it? I seem to just live in the same old outfits. And while it’s great to have a comfort zone, it doesn’t always make for the most exciting of fashion choices.

And you see, I used to love fashion. Like really LOVE fashion. I would subscribe to all the fashion magazines every month. And use them as inspiration to plan my outfits. But then something happened. I think it had something to do with the fact that my body shape changed. And gaining weight meant that I didn’t have the same confidence, or inspiration to wear something different. I stuck to the same outfits that firstly fit, and secondly made my feel OK.

But I don’t want to just feel OK in an outfit. I want to fall back in love with fashion. Which means I need to break out of a style rut and step out of my comfort zone of jeans, jumpers and converse. So here’s what I’m planning on breaking out of a style rut:


Now I’ll admit that my go to outfit always includes a pair of jeans. But I’m aiming to step away from the denim and embrace other types of trousers. Mainly because jeans can be a little boring right? I love the culotte or wide leg look on other people – I just need to embrace it for myself


Despite owning some lovely pieces of jewellery, I only ever seem to wear the same ring and watch every day. And while they’re both quite simple, I can’t help but admire those people who wear different and interesting pieces of jewellery every day. Your accessories can really make an outfit. Which is why I’m aiming to switch it up when it comes to my daily jewellery choices.


Now this one might be influenced by Mrs Maisel but I’m slightly obsessed with the amount of monochromatic colouring that went on in her outfits. I’d love to try an all blush outfit, or different shades of pink. But that might involve having to buy a LOT more clothes…

What are your top tips for breaking out of a style rut?

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  1. January 2, 2019 / 2:29 pm

    Ohh goodness, MY LIFE!
    It’s so easy to fall into that routine of wearing the same items on rotation, I totally get that.
    I really need to break out too, thanks for sharing & hopefully I can steal some tips from any other comments too.
    Gill Eyelinerflicks x

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