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American English

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to haircare, all I really want are products that will make my hair look and feel healthier, smoother and like I’ve put in more effort than I really have. But I don’t just want to use whatever’s on offer in the supermarket. I like to use products that I believe in. Products that I can trust. Which is why I’m excited to share with you all American English haircare.

Know if you’ve heard of American English before, they’re about to become your new favourite haircare brand. The American part of the brand comes from Michael Kanyon. As a celebrity and editorial hair stylist, he’s the brand’s Creative Director. But you might also recognise him as the Key Stylist on America’s Next Top Model. So that’s the American part. The English part comes from Stephen Durham who has over 20 years in the beauty industry. And together they’ve partnered to bring out an impressive haircare line – American English.

Now American English are a luxury vegan hair care range that is jam-packed with natural and nourishing ingredients. Their styling products are great for using daily, and unlike other products out there. They’re also really good for your hair and scalp health and actually improve the texture and quality of your hair over time. Sounds impressive right? Well having use them non-stop over the past couple of weeks I can confirm they’re as impressive as they sound!

So if you’re new to the brand and not sure what to try first. Then here are four of their products that I love.

American English


Now this might be my favourite American English product. As someone with pretty fine hair that doesn’t seem to hold any volume, this spray is changing my life. And my hair. It’s incredibly lightweight but yet seems to give you just the most amazing volume. This water based formula forms a light film on the hair that provides the perfect foundation for whatever style you create.


If like me, your hair is prone to frizz. Then this is the oil for you. As it’s a dry oil it won’t weigh down your hair, but the lightweight formula will eliminate frizz and static. Plus it’s rich in Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9, so it’s nourishing your hair at the same time.

American English



As someone who gets their hair coloured every six weeks, I know full well how tired, dull and damaged your hair can look when you colour it too often. Which is why this shampoo and conditioner combo is perfect for me. Not only is it specially formulated for coloured and damaged hair, but it’s anti-aging too. Meaning your salon colour will last longer. Plus, the shampoo gently cleanses while building collagen and strength. Meaning your hair will not only look better for longer between salon visits. But it’ll look and feel healthier too.

You can find out more about American English haircare here.

What do you think of this haircare brand? What’s your favourite luxury haircare brand to use?

This post contains press samples, but all opinions are my own

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