What they don’t tell you about beauty blogging

What people don't tell you about beauty blogging

When I first started blogging back in 2012 I had no idea what I was doing. In fact you could argue I still have no idea. Blogging has grown so much over the short time I’ve been part of this community and it’s still growing today. Back in 2012 I had no idea what I was letting myself in for or what I could create by signing up to Blogger. So if you’re toying with the idea of entering this vast world of beauty blogging then here is what they don’t tell you about beauty blogging.

  1. You won’t be able to use any makeup item until you’ve photographed it
  2. In fact you’ll end buying far more makeup then you normally would on the basis that ‘it’s for the blog’
  3. You’ll start to hate the seasons changing. The sunshine in summer, the crispness of autumn and the darker nights in winter will play havoc on the lighting for your blog pictures
  4. And when the light is just perfect, you’ll realise that you’ve forgotten to charge your camera battery
  5. At least one day a week (and some weeknights) will become ‘blog time’. You’ll photograph, type and schedule social media posts on mass during these times
  6. And when you’re not actually blogging, you’ll be spending your free time thinking about blogging
  7. E.O (Search Engine Optimisation) will become the bane of your life. If you don’t know what it is, you will do once you start blogging
  8. As soon as you’ve decided on a name and purchased your URL you’ll want to change it within six months
  9. If you do want to change your blog or URL you’ll realise the hassle involved and probably decide it’s not worth it
  10. You will be referred to by your blog name rather than your real name. I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve read that start with ‘Hi Merry’

But you know what, I wouldn’t change it for the world. For the fellow bloggers out there, is there anything else you think I should add?


  1. March 5, 2016 / 11:09 am

    Ha so true really enjoyed reading this , fab post! kx

  2. March 5, 2016 / 11:18 am

    I’m not a beauty blogger but I’m in the fitness niche so everyone assumes I run everyday and do workouts constantly, sometimes I just chill in my jammies! 🙂

  3. March 5, 2016 / 2:02 pm

    This post is too accurate! I never knew how much I loved daylight until I created a blog!

    Shannon ~ shannonkara.com

  4. March 5, 2016 / 5:16 pm

    Your post is very spot on! Even with fashion blogs or food blogs people often have problems taken photos! I know I do especially when there is not good lightening ! It can be frustrating but most would not change it for the world.

  5. March 5, 2016 / 10:42 pm

    I can relate to so many of these haha – the winter is just so frustrating when it comes to photographing, thank god summers on its way!

    Lucy | Forever September

  6. March 6, 2016 / 1:40 am

    Hahahaha I love this post !! I definitely agree with the not using something because you’ve not taken pictures yet!! And this can be annoying when you have to wait for good lighting too hahaa!! I literally always dedicate time everyday to blogging .. In fact my whole life revolves around my blog hehe!!

    Loved this read girly !

  7. March 6, 2016 / 3:49 am

    OMG these are so accurate! The lighting thing really gets to me- it can be so difficult!

  8. Charlotte Burns
    March 8, 2016 / 12:42 pm

    I love this post, glad it’s not just me who refuses to use something until I’ve photographed it, buys things unnecessarily because it’s ‘for the blog’ and constantly thinks about blogging even when I’m not blogging! I too wouldn’t change it for the world though, it’s changed my life for the better and I love it! xx

  9. March 11, 2016 / 1:48 pm

    And people will ask to have your makeup on a regular basis …

  10. March 11, 2016 / 9:24 pm

    Ha this did amuse me 😉 xx

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