Japanese Beauty Cult Classics from the Tokyo Love box

Tokyo Love Box

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed or not. But Asian beauty is having a moment. I mean it’s having a big moment. The trend for Korean and now Japanese beauty products is huge right now. So much so that the lovely Jamie from BeautyRocksBlog has created her own beauty box. Which is full of cult classics inspired by her time spent travelling the world. And this first box – the Tokyo Love Box – is jam packed with amazing products.

Kokubo Face Lifting Roller 

Tokyo Love Box

Now this looks rather interesting doesn’t it? Well the Kokubo face lifting roller is a Japanese beauty secret that allows you to practice Shiatsu anywhere. Now if you’re not sure what Shiatsu is, it helps release pressure points on your face or body via massage. And this little roller can travel with you anywhere to help relax tense muscles on your face or your body.

Majolica Majora 

Tokyo Love Box

How cute is this little lip gloss? And the colour is beautiful too. It’s made with honey which means it keeps your lips looking and feeling softer for longer. And giving that it’s a mini, it’s the perfect size for popping in your handbag.

DHC Perfect Pro Liquid Eyeliner 

Tokyo Love Box

Now I’m a sucker for a good eyeliner and this one is fab. The tip is so small and precise. It means you can really get into the lash line and can add precision when applying your winged liner. Plus the jet black colour lasts all day. Even in this heat!

DHC Perfect Pro Double Protection Mascara 

Tokyo Love Box

So this is the second product from this cult brand. And I have to say I’m just as impressed with this mascara. It’s great at adding length and volume to my lashes. And the formula includes water-resistant tube-technology which means it’ll last well throughout the day but is easy to remove.


Tokyo Love Box

Now I’m sure you’re aware of the Japanese Hot Springs. They’re infamous and attract people from around the world who want a truly unique Japanese experience. Now I didn’t realise but the Hot Springs are loved by Japanese women who claim it helps keep looking younger for longer. And this bath powder is designed to create that hot spring experience in your own bath.


Tokyo Love Box

Now I’m a big fan of a foam wash, so was eager to give this one a try. With white silkworm cocoon protein – I know it sounds delightful!  But it’s a unique was to guarantee optimal skin cleansing and hydration. Which is just what I want from a foam wash.

If you fancy getting your hands on of the Jamie’s Beauty Rocks Boxes, you can subscribe here.The subscription service is s rolling subscription service so you can cancel anytime. And they ship worldwide, so what are you waiting for?

What do you think of the Tokyo Love Box? Are you keen to discover more about Japanese beauty products?

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