The autumn/winter beauty trends I’m embracing this year

Merry Musing beauty trends

Happy Saturday everyone! Now seeing as we’re in the full swings of autumn/winter I thought I’d share with you all the key autumn/winter beauty trends I’m going to embracing this year. Although there are classic looks that I’ll always wear year in year out, it’s always nice to mix it up with new trends right? So here are the ones I’ll be embracing this year.

Now first up is lips. And while we all know a classic red lips never goes out of fashion, This year it’s all about the classic 90’s glossy lip in a bold, bright red. But along with red, another key trend on the lips this year is the blood stained look. And while I normally stay away from a dark lip, this year I’m going to bite the bullet and embrace it. Wish me luck!

Next up is nails. Now when it comes to nails, I’m all about a darker colour at this time of year. Step aside pastels and pretty pinks and hello to dark plum shades and bright berry colours. But one of the key trend from autumn/winter that I will be wearing on my nails is metallic. I feel like 2017 really has been the year of metallics. So it makes sense to continue the trend on my nails. Especially as we’re coming up to party season.

But talking of metallics, this trend isn’t exclusively for nails. I’m also planning on embracing it when it comes to eye look. Because, you know, you can never have too much shimmer! Especially at this time of year. And adding a metallic touch to the classic smokey eye is a great way to embrace this trend.

And finally when it comes to hair, this year is all about the up-do. As someone who always wears my hair down, This is a trend I’m keen to embrace. There’s just something quite chic and fun about an up-do right?

What do you think of these autumn/winter hair and beauty trends? Which ones will you be embracing this year?

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As always thank you to Kaye for taking the pictures!

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