Time for a Sephora Haul

Sephora Haul

Happy Sunday everyone! And yes, I know what you’re thinking. Another haul? But yes, this is another haul! As I’ve said, I’m obviously feeling a little spendy at the moment. But it’s all about the season of giving right? It just seems that I’m giving more to me, than anyone else at the moment!

But this week, I’ve been in Germany for work. The company I work for is a global company and this week I’ve been with my European colleagues at their offices in Germany. So it’s safe to say I deserved a reward for ALL the hard work I’ve put in this week. So a trip to Sephora was in order.

Now, in the town I was in. They didn’t have a big Sephora. Instead, they had a Sephora concession in a department store. Which was a little different to what I was expecting. It was a lot smaller, and didn’t stock as many of the hard to get brands. But it did have a big Sephora own brand section. Which is always a good thing!

Now, as per usual. I was really pushed for time in this Sephora. So it was sort of a case of just throwing quite a few things into the basket that looked good. And hoping that they were! So if you’re interested in seeing which own brand Sephora products I picked up. Along with some new Marc Jacobs beauty bits. Because, you know, they’re just too pretty to leave on the shelf! Oh and one or tow things that may have jumped into my basket at the checkout. Because that always happens right? Or does that just happen to me?

Then check out the video below. And let me know in the comments below, which products I should have tried from Sephora. Or which products are your favourites.

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