Rimmel Cara Camo Limited Edition Collection

Rimmel Cara Camo Limited Edition Collection
I don’t know about you, but Rimmel are on fire at the moment. Not a month goes by without them launching something new and exciting. And this new collection is no different. The Cara Camo Limited Edition Collection is fronted by the lady herself – Cara Delevingne. It’s exclusively available at Superdrug, and is perfect for summer as it features on of the biggest trends around – camouflage. There are six products within the collection. From nails and brows, to lips and lashes, this collection certainly has you covered when you’re trying to create your summer look.
60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish £2.99 each 
Rimmel Cara Camo Limited Edition Collection
For me I love a quick dry nail polish and the fact that these dry within 60 seconds is a big plus for me. Available in three shades Camo Girl (khaki), Black Out (black) and Desert Disguise (nude/pink) these polishes combine a base coat, colour and top coat to give you high gloss with one coat.
Lasting Finish Lipstick £5.49 
Rimmel Cara Camo Limited Edition Collection
Now this is probably my favourite product of the entire collection. This lipstick is just such a gorgeous shade! Not only that but the formula is incredibly creamy and the colour pay off is impressive. It’s infused with light-reflecting diamonds which adds an extra depth to the pigmentation.
Extra 3D Lash Mascara £4.99
Rimmel Cara Camo Limited Edition Collection
This mascara is designed to give your lashes a 3D lift while adding volume thanks to the small brush head. It volumises, defines, lengthens and lifts each lash for that wide eyed look that I love.
Brow This Way Styling Gel With Argan Oil £4.49
Rimmel Cara Camo Limited Edition Collection
Now I’m sure having this product in the collection won’t be a surprise. I mean how can a beauty range being fronted by the brow Queen herself, not include brow products?! But what I love about the Brow This Way product is that you can apply it with a tiny wand to really define your brows. Plus as it’s conditioned with Argan Oil, it helps them look healthier and thicker.
Brow This Way Highlighter Pencil £4.99 
Rimmel Cara Camo Limited Edition Collection
Sticking with brows. You can use this Highlighter Pencil to add some definition to your brow bone. You can really lift the whole appearance of your brows with this jumbo pencil in the colour Gold Shimmer.
Hide The Blemish Concealer £3.99    
Rimmel Cara Camo Limited Edition Collection
For me this is a real throw back product. I remember using something like this back when I was a teenager. But I have to say, I do like the look of this Blemish Concealer. It’s great to use on the go and perfect for hiding those pesky dark circles.
The whole Rimmel Cara Camo Limited Edition Collection is exclusively available at Superdrug. And with Rimmel being on offer for 3 for 2 at Superdrug. How can you resist this limited edition collection?
What do you think of the Rimmel Cara Camo Limited Edition Collection? Will you be picking up any of the limited edition products?


  1. June 14, 2017 / 6:22 pm

    I love the colour combo of those nail varnishes – Rimmel nail varnishes are fab!

  2. hannah
    June 14, 2017 / 9:05 pm

    I like how Rimmel have done limited edition packaging with this collection

  3. June 14, 2017 / 9:25 pm

    Love the packaging on these. I would definitely use the pink nail varnish on my fingers, I like deeper colours on my toes x

  4. June 15, 2017 / 9:47 am

    I remember having a concealer like that as well and I felt so grown up using it, it’s nice that high street brands are killing it now x

  5. June 15, 2017 / 11:04 am

    You know what? I bet my wife would absolutely love these colours!

  6. June 15, 2017 / 11:25 am

    I prefer the 60s nail polish too. I have a habit of smudging my nail polish and end of taking it all off again. I love the pink shade you had shown here 🙂

  7. June 15, 2017 / 1:43 pm

    I’ve never heard of this brand but I want to try them! I love the packaging so much! These nail polish colors are gorgeous!

  8. June 15, 2017 / 2:17 pm

    I like lots of the Rimmel products, but I’ve missed this new collection. I need to go and check it out. The 3D mascara looks good.

  9. June 15, 2017 / 3:16 pm

    This collection is awesome! Love Rimmel and I have just been after a Blemish concealer so will be checking these out at Superdrug 🙂 x

  10. June 15, 2017 / 5:57 pm

    I saw these in my local Superdrug and I was really tempted, especially by that Khaki (Camo Girl) polish which is odd as it is not really a colour I would normally wear

  11. June 15, 2017 / 8:15 pm

    Love the look of this collection! The polishes look great and I’m definitely loving the cute packaging.

  12. June 15, 2017 / 11:06 pm

    I love the look of these…the nail polishes I think are the most unique colours for the summer for sure x

  13. June 15, 2017 / 11:33 pm

    It is such a fun collab. i loved the lipstick shade. Will be checking it out on my next trip to town 🙂

  14. June 16, 2017 / 4:17 am

    what stunning pictures! I’ll have to check the collection out when I’m next in store 🙂 xx

  15. June 16, 2017 / 7:26 pm

    I must confess I am a big fan of Rimmel and can’t live without their mascaras and eyelines. The new range looks great! 🙂

  16. June 16, 2017 / 8:32 pm

    I do love their range there is so much to choose from. I think they are well priced too!

  17. June 16, 2017 / 8:36 pm

    I love the look of the mascara and the khaki nail polish. Rimmel are doing great at the moment!

  18. June 20, 2017 / 1:14 pm

    I love this collection, especially the nail polish. That pink colour is so cute.

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