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Superdrug face masks

Now when it comes to skincare, I’m all about the face mask at the moment. And as we’re moving into winter, my skin is definitely in need of a pick me up. So these new face masks from Superdrug couldn’t have come at a better time really. I normally just save a face mask for my usual Sunday night routine. But I find that these are great to use two to three times a week if needed.

Superdrug face masks

So there are six face masks in the collection, and they’re all new! They definitely have a foodie influence and I love that these look good enough to eat. Out of the six in the collection, I have three of them. But the six are:

  • Coffee – an amazing blend to help add a burst of refreshing vitality to your skincare routine
  • Kale – a superfood mask to add a burst of vitamin goodness
  • Coconut – a creamy tropical cocktail for an exotic treat
  • Charcoal – a mud mask with charcoal for a burst of purifying goodness
  • Blueberry jam – a jammy creation with sugar scrub particles to refresh the skin
  • Avocado & oat – oaty scrub and avo adds a burst of goodness to skin

These little pods of foodie goodness are just £4.99 each. All of them contain natural extracts, are vegan and almost good enough to eat. Well almost! I like to use the Avocado and Oat one in the mornings. While the charcoal one is good for when my skin is looking and feeling quite oily. And then the blueberry jam one is good for when my skin is looking a little dull.

Superdrug face masks

At just £4.99 these are fab little face mask pods. And I love the different varieties and flavours they come in. What do you think of these face mask pods from Superdrug? Would you try them? What’s your favourite face mask to use?


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