My new favourite foundation brush

Sephora pro stippling brush 44

There was a time, long before I started reading beauty blogs, where I would apply my foundation with my fingers. In fact, sometimes when I’m in a rush and there are no clean brushes I still apply foundation with my hands. But personally I do love to use a foundation brush. I find I get results with a brush, that I just can’t get with my fingers. And my new favourite foundation brush is the Sephora pro stippling brush 44.

Sephora pro stippling brush 44

I picked this up back in May when I had my little trip to France and I’ve been using it ever since. I’ve not tried many of the Sephora brushes before and in fact I could have bought every brush there – they were all beautiful! But I really like that this one is a duo-fibre brush – it means it’s a multitasker. As they’re made with both natural hair (the black ones) and synthetic hair (the white ones) the brush will work well with liquid, cream and powder formulas.

It’s not the cheapest brush I own, but it’s not the most expensive either at 26 Euros. I love the fact that the bristles are a little longer than other stippling brushes I’ve tried. And I love that like my trusted Real Techniques brushes, this one doesn’t shed when applying makeup, or when you’re cleaning the brush.

The shape of the Sephora pro stippling brush is great for applying liquid foundation and tinted moisturisers, but it’s also ideal for picking up just the right amount of bronzers and blushes. I just find that this brush leaves my foundation looking flawless and giving my skin an airbrushed look. Which is what we all want when applying our foundation right?

Sephora pro stippling brush 44

Have you tried any of the Sephora brushes before? What’s your favourite makeup brush brand to use?


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  1. July 16, 2016 / 10:03 am

    Im definitely going to look at the brushes when I go to NY in November, I haven’t really tried many high end brushes as I find my Real Techniques and Zoeva ones work well but I do want to try more. This one sounds lovely.

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