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Merry Musing LOTD

Whether you’re a blogger or a brand, I can help you grow your business through social media management, copywriting or influencer engagement.

For Bloggers 

Social Media Management 

Social media can be one of the biggest sources of traffic to your blog and it’s vital in building your online brand. I can create the right type of content to build your brand across your channels, as well as scheduling your Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts to ensure maximum engagement.


Too many content ideas but not enough time to put pen to paper? Or not sure what to blog about? It’s a struggle most bloggers deal with. But let me help you with content ideas, copywriting and proof reading. We can work on a post by post basis or I can help you develop a content calendar and deliver a set number of posts per week, or per month. I can also provide imagery if needed.

For Brands 

Social Media Management 

Social media is a key part of life, and there’s never been a more important time to embrace the online communities. I can help you choose the channels that will work for you and create content that will tell your brand’s story. Whether you’re looking to grow your Facebook followers, engage with your Twitter audience or create an amazing Instagram feed, I can help you hit you exceed your targets and create the right online image for your brand.
Copywriting and Content Creation 
I’ve had a passion for writing from a young age and I’m now lucky enough to be able to write for a living. Finding the right words to create your brand’s story is a must but I can help you with copywriting, social media creation as well as editing.
Influencer Engagement 
Working with key influencers ensures your message reaches the relevant audience and promotes long-term engagement. I can help you navigate the blogging and vlogging community to ensure your message reaches the right audience, as well as developing a partnership that has longevity between your brand and influencers.
To find out more, you can email me at or tweet me at @merry_musing