GHD Aura Review

GHD Aura

As you may have seen from my ‘What I got for Christmas’ video, I was lucky enough to receive the GHD Aura hairdryer. Up until a month ago I used to use a hairdryer that I’d had, and used on a pretty much daily basis, for about 10 years. There was nothing wrong with that hairdryer per se but it was just old, loud and didn’t do much for my barnet. So I thought it was time for an upgrade, and what better way to upgrade than to try probably the most expensive hairdryer I’ll ever own, in the form of the GHD Aura.

I’ve been a fan of GHD for years, ever since I was first introduced to their revolutionary stylers and said goodbye to bad hair days for good. And having heard so much about their Aura hairdryer, I couldn’t wait to add it to my collection and hopefully love it as much as I love their other products.

Now what makes this hairdryer so much better than other hairdryers on the market to justify its hefty price tag? Well for starters, it’s not like other hairdryers on the market. GHD have worked with styling experts and scientists to create two teccy innovations. The first of which is Laminair technology which makes the air output more concentrated, allowing precision when you’re working on one section of your hair. This technology also aligns hair in a single way to create smoothness and shine. The second teccy innovation they’ve come up with is Cool-Wall technology which allows you to get closer to the scalp giving your hair increased root lift and volume, setting your style as it dries. It’s definitely the most teccy piece of hair equipment I own, but it’s worth it.

I’ve been using it for just under a month now and it’s cut my drying time in half. It’s so lightweight to hold, easy to use and quiet. It leaves my hair feeling so soft, virtually frizz free and with the cool shot button, I can set my hair in place for the whole day.

Have you tried the GHD Aura? Would you upgrade your hairdryer for this?


  1. January 15, 2016 / 10:41 am

    I really, REALLY need to invest in a new hair dryer, mine is at least 7 years old…

  2. January 16, 2016 / 11:46 pm

    A lot of my friends told me that this is a perfect hair dryer.
    I want it.
    Your post is great ~

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