Getting creative with scrapbooking

Getting creative with scrapbooking

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to take more pictures. I love photography and although I take a lot of pictures for my blog. I don’t take a lot of pictures when I’m not blogging. The plan at the start of the year was to take lots of pictures, so I could start scrapbooking. I love looking at everyone else’s scrapbooks on Instagram and wanted to get creative and start my own so I can document all the fun things I do outside of blogging.

One of my favourite things about blogging is the creative aspect. I love setting up pretty pictures, making design tweaks to my blog and sharing my passion for a particular product. So for me scrapbooking is just another way to get creative. It’s also a chance to go back to basics, have a break from blogging and step away from a computer screen for an hour or two.

So while I’ve taken a load of pictures over the past few months I’ve not got around to printing them yet. I’ve used online printing services before, and while they’re OK to use. I’m not a big fan of the process. We live in a digital world where everything is instant. Yet most of the online printing services will take five days to print and send your pictures. But I think I’ve found the answer in a new app – HP Social Media Snapshots. Most of the online printing services use apps, but this one from HP is different. You can hook it up to your printer so you can print your snaps at home. How amazing is that? You can print them onto stickers, use the prints to create your own gallery wall at home or use them for scrapbooking.

How do you print your online snaps?

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