Dermalogica Daily Cleansing Shampoo and Daily Conditioning Rinse

Dermalogica Daily Cleansing Shampoo and Daily Conditioning Rinse I know I say that you don’t need to spend a fortune on products to look good. But when it comes to haircare, and shampoos and conditioners in particular, you do get what you pay for. And what you get from a premium shampoo and conditioner, that you don’t get from the High Street versions, is a sulphate free formula. Now you may be wondering why that matters. And to some people, it won’t. But as someone with fine hair prone to greasy roots, I find High Street shampoo and conditioners and their sulphate chemical cocktails leave my hair looking a little lacklustre. But I find sulphate free formulas leave my hair looking and feeling healthier and help my colour last longer. And one of the newest sulphate free shampoo and conditioner on the market is this dreamy duo from Dermalogica.

Although these bottles don’t look anything special. They do deliver great results. Which is what matters right? Both the Daily Cleansing Shampoo and the Daily Conditioning Rinse contain a cocktail of nourishing, sulphate-free ingredients that are perfect for everyday use. With a mix of coconut, argan oil and avocado oils that work together to infuse shine and softness, the shampoo and conditioner also shield the hair from sun damage while retaining moisture. While grapefruit, lavender and geranium essential oils invigorate the senses and ensure your hair is smelling absolutely fabulous!

Since using the Dermalogica Daily Cleansing Shampoo and Daily Conditioning Rinse my hair feels softer, is shinier and I have to admit looks thicker. My roots feel clean and it’s so much easier to run my fingers through my hair.

Since using the duo, my hair feels soft, has shine and looks fuller. The roots feel clean and it’s easy to run my fingers through my hair. I’ve always relied on Dermalogica for their skincare products and now they’re responsible for looking after my hair as well.

You can pick up the Dermalogica Daily Cleansing Shampoo (£19.80) and the Daily Conditioning Rinse (£20.70) from their website.

What do you think of the Dermalogica Daily Cleansing Shampoo and Daily Conditioning Rinse? Would you use a shampoo and conditioner like this?


  1. December 13, 2016 / 10:40 am

    I love these. I’m always a little eee when it comes to shampoo but this one doesn’t strip my hair but it cleans it well enough that it’s not dry or stringy, which really surprised me and I think it’s down to the fact it is sulphate-free x

  2. December 13, 2016 / 6:13 pm

    I stick with hair products that are sulphate free as well. This one sounds great with it having coconut, argan and avocado oils!

  3. December 13, 2016 / 9:06 pm

    My hair always seems to be lacklustre even after shampooing it so I am guessing that it must be because of the chemicals. I love that this is sulfate free.

  4. December 13, 2016 / 11:17 pm

    These sound like great products – sometimes the most unassuming packaging can hold hidden treasures!

  5. December 14, 2016 / 9:42 am

    I’ve started spending a bit more money on haircare and it’s definitely made a difference to it’s condition so I’ll definitely be looking these up x

  6. December 14, 2016 / 10:24 am

    I’m a huge fan of Dermalogica skin products, I have virtually the whole range. I had no idea they did hair products – off to find out more now. Jo x

  7. December 14, 2016 / 4:28 pm

    These sound like the perfect combination! Not tried anything from Dermalogica before but these sound great

  8. December 14, 2016 / 5:09 pm

    My hair is absolutely loving this combination and it doesnt get so greasy so quickly x

  9. December 14, 2016 / 5:58 pm

    I agree with hair products, you get what you pay for and the dermalogica brand sounds lovely being sulfate free and all

  10. December 14, 2016 / 10:24 pm

    My hair is really dry at the moment from the weather and heating. I need products like these to perk my hair up.

  11. December 15, 2016 / 8:33 am

    It’s always great when you find a wonderful new shampoo and conditioner. I’m desperately looking for some new haircare products, so will definitely be checking these out!

  12. December 15, 2016 / 10:26 am

    I have heard of this brand before but I didn’t know they made hair products. Will look out for them.

  13. December 15, 2016 / 5:03 pm

    My mummy only washed her hair once a week so we wouldn’t need a gentle daily shampoo and conditioner, however Dermalogica is such a great brand we may look in this!

  14. December 15, 2016 / 10:23 pm

    I think if it works it is worth the money. I always struggle to find decent sulfate free shampoos, this will be next on my list to try.

  15. December 16, 2016 / 1:14 pm

    My twins have very fine hair and can’t get away with high street shampoo’s as their hair becomes so limp and lifeless. So they now on my sulphate free shampoo which has made a massive difference

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