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When it comes to nail polish, I love painting my nails. I just hate maintaining them. And I hate the fact that certain polishes can start to chip within a day or two of applying them. As soon as they start to chip, I just want to remove the polish and start again. Which is why I was excited to try the CND Vinylux Weekly Polish.

If you’re not familiar with the CND Vinylux technology, they have an innovative polish formula that removes the need for a base coat and actually becomes more durable over time as your nails are exposed to natural light. In fact the CND Vinylux polishes look and feel just like a regular nail polish. You don’t need a UV lamp or a special top coat and base coat. You simply apply it like you would with any nail polish and then use the top coat to set it all in place. I found the texture was slightly thicker than regular polish, but it dried incredibly quickly. And once dry, it looked as shiny and glossy as gel nails.

For me these are a great middle ground between a regular polish and a gel polish. You get the longevity and the high sheen finish but you can remove it at home with regular nail polish remover and it obviously doesn’t cost as much as a trip to the salon for a gel manicure.

And this CND Vinylux Weekly Polish Travel Kit is perfect for your holidays. You get everything you need for long-lasting polish – the nail cleanser, a choice of two colours (Lobster Roll and Strawberry Smoothie), the all-important top coat and nail polish remover. What more do you need for gorgeous looking nails on holiday?

The kit is £29.95 and you can pick it up from their website.

Have you tried any CND Vinylux polishes before? What’s your favourite nail polish brand to use?


  1. September 12, 2016 / 11:10 am

    I’ve only tried one of their polishes before but I liked it a lot. It didn’t last the full week but it did last longer than your average polish.

  2. September 12, 2016 / 1:11 pm

    I’ve never tried these polishes before but deffo going to look into it! I hate after spending time doing a mani, I chip one.

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