Clinique Even Better Eyes

The other morning I spent ages using my eye make up remover to remove what I thought was mascara under my eye, it wasn’t mascara. I’m not sure if it’s generics or long working hours but I suffer with dark circles and I hate it.

I’ve been on the quest for a while to try and find a product that will give me a flawless looking face with zero dark circles, so was excited to try the Clinique Even Better Eyes cream that I’d heard so much about.

The cream is more than just a concealer, it’s an eye treatment that’s meant to eradicate the appearance of dark circles forever – sounds too good to be true, but I have nothing to lose (only dark circles) so I’m willing to try anything.

I find that this is a great lightweight eye cream to use after I’ve moisturised as it’s a great skin primer before I apply make-up. As you can see the colour resembles a concealer. One tip I will say is that when my eyes are feeling really tired towards the end of the week, I pop the cream into the fridge so that when I apply it in the morning or at the end of the night it’s really cold and helps to reduce the puffiness under my eyes.

To experience the full potential of this product, it’s recommended that you use twice daily. Gently squeeze a small amount of product onto the cooling tip and then glide the applicator back and forth the under eye area and then use your finger to smooth in any excess cream until it’s all absorbed.

At £28 for a small tube, it’s not cheap, but if it works then it’s priceless in my eyes.


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