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So as you may have seen, I’ve had a little make-over. Do you like it? I’m so pleased with it. I started this blog as a new year’s resolution to myself almost nine months ago and really can’t believe how quickly it has grown and how much I thoroughly enjoy dedicated my time and energy to it. It was because of this that I wanted to give it a little makeover and in the process switch from Blogger to WordPress.

To me this was a huge decision to make. I love Blogger. To begin with I had no idea how to do anything on it and it was through the blogging community and Google search that I managed to alter the appearance and turn it into a blog design that I thought represented the content well. However, I found that while Blogger became easier and easier to use, design wise it was actually very limiting. I also didn’t realise that even though you own your content on Blogger you don’t actually own the blog – scary stuff considering that Google has the power to delete your entire blog.

So OK, maybe I was being a little dramatic, but the more I looked into the arguments for which is better Blogger or WordPress, the more I became convinced that for me and what I want from my blog, WordPress is the right option.

Not only did WordPress scare me because I had no idea how to use it, but it also took me so long to even begin to understand how Blogger works that I knew I’d have no chance of doing this myself. That’s is why I decided to find someone to move the blog from Blogger to WordPress and also give the blog a refresh and a new design. The technology superstar that I found, through Twitter, was Faye. Not only was it a simple, pain free process, but I absolutely love the design.

So if you’re looking to make the move, then I would highly recommend Faye to help you. I won’t lie. WordPress still looks incredibly scary to me, probably because I’m so used to Blogger, but I’m so excited for the possibilities that lay ahead for the blog!



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