An introduction to Marula Oil


So a couple of weeks ago I had a pretty amazing and magical blogger experience. It was definitely one of those pinch me moments. Which doesn’t happen very often. But did a couple of weeks ago. I had the pleasure of attending an intimate dinner in London with a few other bloggers. Not only did we get to sample the delicious menu at Bronte. But we also got to meet the people behind the lovely brand Marula. And find out more about the magic of Marula oil.


Now if you’ve not heard or the power of Marula Oil before, but love to try new products. Then Marula is definitely one to add to your list. With a 60% higher antioxidant level, Pure Marula Facial Oil is far more powerful than the leading Argan Oil at fighting the free radicals that cause pre-mature skin aging. With an amazingly high content of antioxidants and fatty acids like Omega 6 & 9. Pure Marula Oil is a fab anti-aging moisturiser.


But it’s not just a moisturiser that they offer. They have everything for a complete face and skincare routine featuring the wonder ingredient that is Marula Oil. Including a 3-in-1 Rejuvenating Eye Treatment. Which works to diminish the signs of premature aging. A Nourishing Lip Oil that is load with anti-oxidant rich Pure Marula Oil. Which works to infuse long lasting moisture and help soothe and soften lips. Perfect for this time of year. And they also have a Foaming Cleansing Oil which is a triple action hybrid cleanser . It delivers all the benefits of a gentle oil cleanser, alongside the benefits you love from a traditional gel cleanser. But without any of the sulfates or oily residue.


But their most well known product has to be the Pure Marula Facial Oil. This light and hydrating oil not only absorbs quickly into the skin, but it also provides immediate and long-lasting hydration. It really is the ultimate age-defying beauty oil. And a must if your a skincare obsessive like me.

You can find out more about Marula oil, the brand and their products on their website.

What do you think of the Marula brand? Are you keen to try their products?

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