Adulting like a boss

When it comes to getting older and finding yourself having to do more adulting, there are certain jobs that are better than others. I mean talking to utility companies and arranging insurance doesn’t rank high on the list of fun adulting tasks. But getting a new car? Well now you’re talking. I mean who doesn’t love the thought of getting a new car? It’s a chance to upgrade and treat yourself to something that is functional, but also fun. Well for me it is anyway.

And when it comes to adulting, I feel like I have the big things covered. I’m confident in my job, my blog is going from strength to strength, I can handle my bills, deal with utility companies and bake a pretty mean cheesecake. But the one area that needs improvement is my car. I’ve had my trusty little motor for the past six years, it’s time to upgrade. But where do I begin?

While I do love cars, I don’t know too much about them. I know what I like, but not necessarily all the technical bits that come with buying a new car. I spend a good two hours a day travelling on a motorway. So I see a lot of cars everyday. And I’m pretty confident I know what kind of car I want. I want a car that looks good, is reliable and economical. But does that mean I should buy a new, nearly new or used? Each one comes with it’s own pros and cons. But if you’re as confused as me, then this handy infographic from Go Girl Car Insurance will help you work out the pros and cons of picking a new car.

Are you looking for a new car? Would you get a new, nearly new or used car?


This is a sponsored post, but words and opinions are my own.

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